• Andrew Ahlschwede

Lloyd Ahlschwede: The Veteran

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Lloyd George Ahlschwede served his country bravely in Guam during WWII as an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Corps. While he didn't work on the plane that dropped the atom bomb, he worked a few airplanes away, according to stories he shared. He recalled how the mechanics would polish their planes with gasoline to "shine them up" - a practice he would always say he didn't recommend anymore...with a signature PupPup wink.

He never shared the bad with me. Only the memories of brotherhood and lots of stories about airplanes.

A few years ago he got to fly on FiFi - one of two World War II B-29s still flying today.

Many, many family members came together to give him the opportunity and it was a gift he treasured and often recalled in stories.

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