• Andrew Ahlschwede

Lloyd Ahlschwede: The Fixer

When PupPup saw something that needed to be fixed, he fixed it. He may not have done it the way others would have - but he got it done.

My family moved to Georgia for a short time in the mid 90s. PupPup and Grandma made the trip, by car of course, to see us. Behind our house, there was a basketball goal. On the night of his first visit, he noticed there wasn't a light which made it harder to play basketball once it got dark.

The next day, without asking for permission or asking anyone to help, he went to the store,

bought a light and a super long extension cord. He must have borrowed a tall ladder from somewhere (maybe a neighbor?). Within a few hours, we had a light on the nearest telephone pole to the hoop. The extension cord ran from the telephone pole to the house. He'd wired the light to one of the switches that turned on other outside lights.

Was it pretty? No way. Was it PupPup? WITHOUT A DOUBT. This was who he was - a fixer. When something was wrong and he saw it, he sprung into action and fixed it in his own PupPup way.

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